About Us

About CogStudio

CogStudio is an online video community. We create video content such as Game-play videos, Lets Plays, Podcasts, Gamer news, Reviews and much more to come. 

CogStudio is here to create an online community.                 A community where all sorts of people of different backgrounds and interests can pull together and be a part of something that we can all enjoy and support.

The Purpose of CogStudio

The purpose of CogStudio is to create a place online that people can relate too and enjoy together. 

The idea of CogStudio came from a small group of people who understood what it's like to be different. So we have made CogStudio so the world can see what we can do and also to create a place that anyone can be a part of. 

If you enjoy online videos of gaming, reviews, news, and just people being themselves... then CogStudio is a place for you. 

CogStudio is BIGGER and BETTER with YOU

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